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At 13 feet long and over three and a half feet at the beam, this Gheenoe weighs in at an impressive, easy-to-move 145 pounds. It sports a 15-inch transom for short shaft motors up to five horsepower. A long-shaft accessory option is available for those who already own a long-shaft motor. Put this Gheenoe on a car roof rack or in the back of a pickup truck and go wherever you want. It is small enough to get into the tightest fishing holes or the remotest of duck ponds, all while sporting a 412 capacity rating. With this level of portability, it will be as if the fish and wildlife are coming to you. The 13' has built-in foam floatation for a safe ride and the stability that every Gheenoe is famous for. You can choose a storage bench or aerated live well. You have many options! With a wide choice of colors, you can enjoy the color that pleases you. Paddle it like a canoe, or power it like a speedboat; either way, you are going to love your new 13-foot Gheenoe!

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GHEENOE 15’ 4”

Featured in the MotivFishing Geofish video series, this Gheenoe comes in at 15 feet and 4 inches in length and almost four feet across at the beam. Weighing in at only 145 pounds, this mini monster has a 675 capacity rating! It has one of the highest capacity ratings and is considered a canoe by the U.S. Coast Guard standards. This means you can pull the motor off and fish in your local “no-motor” zones with ease. It paddles like a dream. Conversely, it has a 15-inch short shaft transom that will sport a trolling motor or handle a 10 HP outboard and hit speeds of up to 18 miles per hour. That is one fast canoe. A long-shaft accessory option is available for those who already own a long-shaft motor. The 15'4 offers plenty of fishing room and room for hunting or camping gear. Along with the options of camo color, you can sneak up on almost anything with a boat that will float fully loaded in 3 to 5 inches of water. Try that with anything else. You are going to love your new 15’ 4” Gheenoe!

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At 15’ and 6” in length and an impressive four and-a-half foot beam, the Classic gives you the shallow water access of a Gheenoe with a little more room, a lot more options, and a whole lot more horsepower. A 25 HP motor will literally fly you to your favorite fishing hole at up to 34 miles per hour, yet this dream machine weighs only 245 pounds! You heard that right, only 245 pounds, so you can pull it with your four-cylinder car. The Classic can be outfitted with a wide variety of options such as lights, aerated livewell, bilge pump, swivel seats, poling platforms, stick-steering, and so much more. Poll the flats, troll the lake, or race down a river in less than a foot of water; with Gheenoe's legendary stability and affordability, you know, you can't go wrong. A wide range of colors means you can get one that will work for you. By the way, if you want something done a little special, give us a call. We're looking forward to getting you set up! You are going to love your new 15’ 6” Classic Gheenoe!

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The Super 16’ handles a 40-horsepower motor with ease, and the Super 18’ bites the water with up to 70-horsepower. Senior Kennedy Space Center Designer, Harley Gheen, designed these ultimate fishing machines to be the most stable, efficient transportable, and affordable boats ever made. Imagine all that, and they still float in about 5 inches of water. The Standard 16' Super includes a low front deck, front pedestal pole and seat mount, seat with swivel, stainless eye bolt, rod holders, livewell aerator, front & rear lights, steering, electric package, and bilge pump. Notice the removable seat; the flat or raised front deck makes fly fishing, throwing a cast net, or stand fishing a joy. Controls for the lights, aerator, bilge pump, and a 12V plug-in, all at the flip of a switch.

The Super 18 adds standard features like a center console/storage bench/cushion combo, a hinged rear cover, an enclosed rear bench with hatches, and a driver’s bench cushion. Talk to your dealer about the options for your Gheenoe and the latest version additions and upgrades. At Gheenoe, it is all about you. When you want the best flats boat, river explorer, lake cruiser, hunting boat, bass catcher, or gator hunter on the planet....step up to a 16' or 18’ Super. Nice and wide, the Super gives you all the room you need to fish the flats, carry all that camping gear, and load up the dog and decoys and the family. With the world-famous Gheenoe stability, you know your trip will be fun and safe. With a horsepower rating of up to 40 HP and 70 hp, respectively, either Super will get you where you need to go fast! You can choose a tiller, stick steering, or center console model. At Gheenoe, you have the options you want at a price you can afford. You may have already read the trades and know that Gheenoe has one of the best resale values of any boat on the market. One reviewer called them the “Jeep of the boating world. They don’t die, and every model is a well-loved classic.” It would be an honor to build for your the Super Gheenoe of your dreams that you are going to love and pass on to the next generation!

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