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The 15'6 Classic gives you the option of a Gheenoe with a little more room and alot more horsepower.  A 25 HP motor will literally fly you to your favorite fishing hole. The Classic can be outfitted with a wide variety of options such as lights, aerated livewell, bilge pump, swivel seats, poling platforms and so much more. With the Gheenoe's stability and affordability, you know, you can't go wrong. A wide range of colors means you can get one that will work for you.  By the way, if you want something done a little special, give us a call. We make these boats fresh every week to keep up with the demand.  Whatever you want.... we want to provide. 


By: Gheen Manufacturing, Inc.

15' 6" in length

Extra wide 4' 7" beam
approximately 245 lbs.

capacity 530 lbs.
15" deep transom for
short shaft motors

(long shaft options available)
Maximum — 25 HP


Our customers report GPS speed readings of up to 35 mph with a 25 HP outboard!         

Classics come in either front deck or front bench seat models                                                                       

With the option of a poling
platform, you can get the
bird's eye view on the fish.

   With a wide variety of options



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